Air Conditioning

It is Hot in Texas!! If your Car or Truck A/C is not working than you are in trouble! Lucky for you the Barnes Brothers are experts in Automotive Air conditioning! From Domestic cars Like Ford and Dodge to high end Mercedes and BMW we can do them all. Today’s systems are 2 components The Electrical side and the Refrigerant side. Cars are high tech that is no secret but did you know that includes the A/C system. It monitors inside and outside temperatures. Controls duct work and air flow. Sends different temperature air out of different ducts. There are multiple refrigerants out there that all work just a bit different. Don’t you worry we can work on it all

What is a Cabin Air Filter?

What is a Cabin Air Filter? Well that is the most overlooked filter on your car. With all of the talk about airborne virus transfer maybe we should try to change that. In your home the furnace and Air Conditioner has a filter. It is recommended to be changed every 30 days. Now your Car or Truck does not need to be changed that often but at least once a year. With 2020 being the year of Covid-19 scare you might want to ask your Automotive Professional to check yours… We are all wearing masks right now so it would make sense to keep a fresh filter in the car. Am I right?? On top of that it will help with seasonal allergies and make the Heater Core and Evaporator both more efficient and last longer. Visit B&B today and ask to have your cabin filter replaced. It is cheap insurance for you and your family

How Can you Trust Your Mechanic

Why should I trust my mechanic? Knowing if you can trust your mechanic is a tough one. We have always striven to be open and honest, but let’s face it, we speak car and most do not. It really is like a foreign language to many, so what do you do? I feel that the Digital Inspection has done more to clear things up than anything. It really is a Game Changer! How it works – Your car and complaint are logged in and sent to a technician. The tech then takes his tablet and starts Checking your car. Starting with the complaint, but adds any safety items and wear items he may see. He can take a photo or a video of good, needed soon, and needs now items. The service writer can now make your estimates and prepare the report. Here is where the magic happens!! The report with photos and video of your car are sent through text and email. You can look at the actual problems with your car as your service writer walks you through the estimates. As you do so, you both can reference the repo ... read more

When Should I Replace My Tires?

When Should I Replace My Tires?

When Should I replace my Tires? This is a great question and literally your life is riding on this question. Knowing How Long Tire Last is very important. There are 3 reasons to replace your tires, Tread Depth, Uneven Wear, and Age. First let’s look at tread depth. All Tires in the US have a wear bar in the tread that will tell you the life is up. Approx 2/32- 3/32 is a general rule. A penny placed in the tread with Lincolns head upside down is an easy test. If you can see the top of his head, you need tires! (see pic)The purpose of the tread is to keep your tire in contact with wet roads. The less tread you have the more likely your Car is to hydroplane. Tires and suspension Uneven wear may or may not mean you need tires, but it does mean you need your Suspension and Alignment checked. Any steel or cord showing is an indicator of worn Ball Joints, Tie Rods, or other Front End part need to be repaired. Also Tire need to be replaced right away. Any bumps or unevenness needs to b ... read more

Budget-Friendly Tips to Keep Your Family Safe on the Road

Budget-Friendly Tips to Keep Your Family Safe on the Road

Special Contribution by: Ashley McLean | As a new parent, the well-being of your child is your top priority. While you may be used to hopping in your car without a second thought, getting behind the wheel with a baby in the back seat requires some extra attention to safety. Vehicle safety is all about following smart driving practices and keeping your car in top-notch condition. Here are some care maintenance and driving tips to protect your family out on the road. Review Your Insurance Coverage Now that you have a child, take a moment to review your auto insurance policy. Make sure you have the right type of coverage to protect your family’s finances if something happens. Even if you’re never in an accident, weather damage, car theft or vandalism can be very expensive to fix ... read more

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