Why are ball joints so important?

Why are ball joints so important?

What does a ball joint do? Why is suspension important to check? These are questions that need to be addressed. Your suspension is what keeps your tires on the road. You and your families safety is at stake here! Our week started great Sunday with the annual B&B fishing trip! It was a wonderful day and we tore up the fish. That all changed fast. You see my family is very active in Young Life and we received news of an Aggie Young Life team headed to work at camp that was in an accident. A tire blew out and cause a single car rollover accident. A 19 year old Aggie and friend of my daughter was killed and 2 others in critical care. It was such a somber reminder of how fragile life is and we should never take it for granted. Monday 4 trucks were towed in 3 with broken ball joints and one with a wheel hub assembly completely separated and tire in the bed of the truck.. Not sure how know one was injured. So this is my world as I sit down to write this blog. As I try to get back to &ld ... read more

Lets talk car electronics!

Automotive electronics are the most expensive to fix, as well as, hardest to diagnose. Why you ask? Well lets look into it. Many things have changed over the years in the Automotive industry. In my opinion the biggest is automotive circuitry.Back in the day everything was 12VDC and either series or parallel circuit. Today voltage varies and we have Controller Area Network(CAN Bus) circuits. Gone are the days of sticking a test light into a wire and checking for power or ground! In fact, with SRS (air bag) and high voltage systems it can be down right dangerous! Today’s Automotive Technicians have to understand what system they are working on BEFORE they start working. Sensor voltage is typically low with 5v being the most common. Some injector systems can be 48v or even 110v. A data line may not hardly show anything on it, but believe me there is work going on. They are like in the PC networking world, a communication system between computers, micro controllers, and other compon ... read more

What is an induction service?

What is an induction service? Or Why do I need an induction service are questions we field daily. Simply it is a service that cleans carbon and sludge build up from the throttle body to the piston rings and everything in between. Why is this critical? Well lets step back with a little history… In the 1990’s Port fuel injection was doing some amazing things! It was a fairly simple system that produced way better performance and efficiency than TBI or carburetors. It was also very forgiving. Higher emission standards and injectors ports not super small you could get by. Fast forward to the 2010’s and things change. Demand for better economy without sacrificing performance brought on new advances. Enter direct injection and low tension piston rings. The results are astounding with 20-30% more power with an increase of 10-15% increase in fuel economy. How you ask? The finer the fuel mist the more efficient the burn. Direct injection runs at a higher pressure through smal ... read more

Do I have to use the dealer to keep my warranty?

Do I have to use the dealer to keep my warranty? If I don’t use the Dealer will it void my warranty? The answer is no! This one gets me a little due to personal experience with a car under warranty.This will not be a name calling finger pointing blog. That is not the reason I do this. I like teaching and helping people. I think the more you know, the better decisions you can make. So on to the question. According to the FTC you cannot be required to use the dealership to maintain your warranty. You also cannot be denied warranty coverage due to work done elsewhere. You can even do the work yourself as long as everything is documented. That is not what the dealer told me? I can here you already. You are correct you may have had a salesman or service advisor tell you something different. There are ways they tip toe along a grey line. Have you heard 5 years free oil changes? 3 years free maintenance! This is a growing trend, so if a service advisor wants to say “to keep your ... read more

Are all brake pads the same?

Are all Brake Pads the same? Why are there so much difference in prices of Brake pads? What is different about your Brake Pads? These are all great questions that we are asked all the time, so lets see if we can answer them. There are many types of friction material out there and it gets confusing. They all do the same job, but some do it better. There are 3 main types of Brake Pads out there. Organic , Semi-Metallic, and Ceramic. We will start with the organic pads. The good is they are cheap, they make no noise, and stop ok. The bad They do not last very long and tend to fade as they get hot. We are in Texas so we have heat to deal with before the brake pedal is touched so these are not my favorite. They are ok on small cars but would not use them on trucks or full size cars. Next we have the Semi-Metallic. As the name implies they have metal in them. The material has bits of iron and other metal embedded in the pad. They are the best stopper. They deal with heat real well, in fact ... read more

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