Do oil additives really work??

Do oil additives really work??

Do oil additives really work? Are oil additives worth the extra money? These are questions we get all the time. Tom at Auto Car Correct Car Care, a great friend of the B&B Automotive Family, asked the question after the last blog. Ding!! The light bulb went off…maybe we should look into it more so here we go! Now Tom asked specifically about BG’s MOA. We do sell BG (shout out to Ryan of BG for helping us out!) If we sell it we should test it! Armed with a oil friction tester,a can of MOA and a test sample of used 5000 mile standard oil, we got started. We set it up with a fresh spot on the bearing so we could test the wear as well as the friction. Added the used oil to the machine and turned it on. With much noise it screeched to a halt at 15ftlbs of torque. We removed the bearing to find a divot approximately 3mm x 2mm had worn into the bearing. After a quick reinstall the bearing was on a new spot and ready for further testing. Same oil sample was used, but 2 eye dr ... read more

Do I really need to change my oil?

Do I really need to change my oil? How often do I need to change my oil? With the modern cars we have today, there is so much information out there even the Professional Mechanics don’t all agree! We have lights that say Change Now!! Information centers that give percentages or miles till due… So how do you really know? Well we reached out to Ryan Schlichting of BG Prouducts to see if we could get some answers ourselves. The guys at B&B Automotive took samples of oils when they came in for changes. All mileages and types of oil were documented and Ryan stepped in with his friction tester. The friction tester is a electric motor driven bearing with an oil sump. You load the bearing and measure how much force it takes to stop the bearing. The force is measured in ftlbs of torque. First sample was a conventional oil with 3000 miles on the change. Machine fired up and it locked down at 15ftlbs. Next sample was again a conventional oil with 5000 miles on the change. To m ... read more

Is there a tool you just plug in and tells you what’s wrong with a car?

Do you have a magic machine?? We get this too much. Lets see if we can answer this so everyone understands. Starting in the early 80’s cars were required to have On Board Diagnostics. Commonly referred to as OBD. As with the Iphone and all other electronics it has been updated…OBD – OBD1 – OBD2 etc… What this means is the car has the ability to monitor systems and tell if one is not working properly. When that happens it sets a trouble code and in some cases will turn on a warning light. Here is where we get into myth vs. reality. To retrieve a code you need a code reader or a scan tool. The Magic Box!!! Not really it is just another tool. First what is a code reader? It is a tool used to retrieve and clear trouble codes in the generic and emission systems. We use the Bluepoint Micro scan. It is great for quick checks or clearing codes. Great for double checking after a repair to make sure all is good. It does not have any live data, by-directional testi ... read more

A Day in the life of a mechanic!

We live in a microwave pace of life today with many plates spinning! In the Auto Repair business we fight the opinions of people and reputation of an industry. Lets be honest, the reputation is rough and the opinions of many are true. But not at all shops. Since my dad opened in 1986, B&B Automotive Services has always tried to look at things from a customers side. Putting customer service FIRST! Have we always been successful…no, after all we are human. We make mistakes and we try to fix them to the customers satisfaction. We also have procedures in place to keep those at a minimum, but it still happens from time to time. Since we spend so much time looking from the other side of the counter I thought I would share a day in the life of the auto technician. Three things to think about from the mechanics side.. Shops are busy with tons of things happening at the same time. Our techs have 2 bays and 3-4 cars on the digital inspection folder to get checked out ASAP. Remember t ... read more

Life is Hard! Find out what’s really important!!

Life is Hard! Find out what’s really important!!

The older I get the more I realize life is too hard to focus on things that don’t matter. Today we work hard to have a bigger house so each child has a room and private bath room. We fill our lives full of things…stuff that a year(or less) later we don’t use. I am not anti stuff don’t get me wrong, but ask why do I want/need this stuff… My grand parents raised 4 kids in a 1100 sq ft house with one bath. I grew up in a 1600 sq ft house and shared a room! My aunts, uncle, and my siblings all survived!! You ask Where did this come from?? This is not the usual B&B Automotive FAQ. You are right it isn’t, but maybe it is. We say “We treat you like family” here. To me it is more than a Tag or a Slogan. It is who we are…or at least who we want to be. It starts with our team. They work hard! Its hot, often thankless work. The shop makes payroll and the bills get paid! That’s what is important right!?? I don’t think so. W ... read more

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