What are the best auto repair shops in Bryan/College Station Texas (Review/Rating)

Due to servicing 2000 cars per year, we get backed up sometimes. When we can’t meet the time expectation of our customers, knowing we are known for honesty and integrity, we get asked “Is there anyone else we could try?” Not wanting to back away from a sensitive subject and wanting to always be upfront we will be answering this question today. While we think we are the best in town and give great service, we have been around long enough to know there are other places that have a solid reputation as well. 1 Sevcik Service Center Started by Leon Sevcik over 40 years ago in Bryan. They are still a family run business with Pat and Mark taking over when Leon passed. They relocated in College Station off Longmire. 2 Aggieland Automotive The newest shop on our list, but are well known for being up to date on technology in our ever changing industry. Kirk and his guys also do pretty well on European cars. They are in College Station off Brentwood. And if you are not sati ... read more

How much is a tune up?

Wow this is a hard question!! Short answer typically $400-$800 on average. I know that does not help right… First, lets start with what is a tune up anyway. A tune up is a scheduled maintenance item on a car or truck that has to do with the fuel and ignition system. It is not a repair these are things designed to wear out or stop up. These are spark plugs, distributor caps and rotors, coils, and coil boots. Fuel filters and air filters and on newer cars induction service is very important. If it sounds like a lot… it is. Cars today are more complex and require less frequency on tune ups, but that comes at a cost. Spark plugs of the past used copper and a resistor, today platinum and iridium are common. Copper plugs retail for about $4.99 per plug while some iridium plugs can cost $35. Cars are also packed into tighter engine compartments making it harder to access tune up parts. Some need the intake manifold removed to gain access to spark plugs and boots. So what do you ... read more

How do I air up my tires?

How do I air up my tires?

This is an often overlooked safety and fuel saving maintenance item that anyone can do themselves. First locate the valve stem and remove the cap. Check the tire for the manufacturers recommended pressure. The car manufacturer will normally print this on the door jam as well. Sometimes they are different, in that case, I always side with the tire company. They made the tire and they should know. You will need a tire pressure gauge at this point. Press the gauge on the valve stem until you get a reading. Never run a tire less than 5 psi from the max pressure. An under inflated tire wastes fuel, wears tires, and runs very hot. If it is too high depress the schrader valve in the middle of the valve stem to release some air. If it is too low find a compressor and inflate the tire in a similar way as you checked tire pressure. If you are unsure about any of these instructions feel free to stop by B&B Automotive Services and we will be happy to teach you to do it yourself, or we will che ... read more

Why is my check engine light on?

This is a great question with a tough answer. The check engine light or service engine soon light monitors anything the engine control module keeps up with. That is a ton of stuff! It is important to get it tested, because many things it monitors can cause bigger problems, if left in disrepair. Somethings are not as critical. For example, a light on due to an air/fuel ratio sensor can cause big problems with expensive catalytic convertors, but a loose gas cap…not as critical. The problem lies in not knowing if it is critical, until it is checked. We always recommend at least getting a diagnostic test run so you can make the best plan to fix your car and get that pesky check engine light turned off!! Hope this helps a bit! Thanks for reading Ask the Barnes Brothers! B&B Automotive Services where we treat you like family

Ways To Ensure You Are Properly Ensuring the Safety of Your Tires

Investing in a new set of tires for your vehicle is always a costly maintenance practice that must be taken to ensure that your car runs properly. After purchasing a new set of tires you want to ensure that your car continues driving safely for long after your purchase. There are several basic tire maintenance tips to that you can practice to ensure that your new tires last for as long as possible. The first tip to take is ensuring that your tires are properly inflated on a daily basis. It is easy for tires to have wear and tear as they travel along different roads and various terrains. Keeping the right amount of air in your tires can greatly prolong the life of your tires. In order to ensure that your tires are properly inflated, measure the air pressure regularly. The proper level of inflation for tires should be printed on the wall of the tires. If you notice that your tires are under inflated, fill them with the needed amount of air. The next step to take when properly caring fo ... read more

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