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Why Does My Truck Shake?

Why does my truck shake? Why does my truck pull to the left or right? These are great questions with no short answer. As tires have gotten bigger, it is harder to get them to balance. This makes it easy to unbalance as well. The added weight of the bigger tire also adds a ton of stress on Tie Rods, Ball Joints, and Shocks / Struts. This is even more of a problem with today’s Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet trucks with Diesel engines. These engines, in many cases, are double the weight of the gasoline engines. That added weight is a killer of wheel hubs and all suspension parts. What to do? There are ways to combat this, because, let’s face it, we love our trucks, so this is a problem that is not going away. Regular Tire Rotation / Balance is a must. About every other oil change is a good rule of thumb. Make sure to have the front suspension check at the same time, as this can catch things early before they become a major headache. Check your tire pressure once a month. Spend ... read more

Is an Engine Flush a Good Idea?

Is an engine flush a good idea? In the past I would have had to say no…DON’T do it. But things change and todays cars use oil for more than just lubrication. Variable valve timing and other engine controls are now using engine oil pressure to operate. For that to work they must remain clean. They are protected by very fine screens that can and do stop up with sludge. This has made me have to rethink the engine flush. The products we tried in the past broke up sludge in chunks stopping up oil pump pick up screens. This was my hesitation to relook into the flush systems. Enter our BG products salesman who assured me that his is different. The BG system dissolves sludge into very fine particles that get trapped in the oil filter where they belong. It will typically continue working on into the next oil change, so you really should shorten the next interval up to about 1000 miles. You start out with a new oil filter and drain the engine oil. The flush is then added in the amo ... read more

Why Do We Charge to Look at Your Car?

The Diagnostic Truth Why do we charge for looking at your car? A legitimate question most shops don’t like. To answer the question, we need to understand what we do. We are a service industry that sells 2 things : Parts and Labor. A part is bought and sold and labor is bought and sold. Most customers understand this as they come in with a problem, for example a water pump leaking. Shop purchases (part), replaces (labor) pump and no more leak. A physical problem that can be seen is fixed; a mechanical problem no one has a problem paying for. Our industry has evolved and is ever changing, and thus is requiring more and more trouble shooting. Cars and trucks today are not only a mechanical machine, they encompass computer networks that must interact with each other. There are automations in actuators and sensors that must work with the still present mechanical side. So a mechanic today really is a Technician. He has to be as proficient in networking as an IT specialist, understand ... read more

Oil Change: Is Faster Better?

Quick Change lube stops are everywhere. An Oil Change or Oil Service is preventative maintenance and the most common service done hand down, but is faster better? Let me give you my thoughts. We live in a microwave society. We want it NOW! We love fast food and lighting quick WiFi and we HAVE to have it!! There is a trend out there for quick service and fast maintenance…so is that a problem?? I feel it is. Now, let me explain it this way, certain things should not be rushed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a quick open heart surgery, instead I would prefer a surgeon who takes the time to do it right and look for future problems. The same with my car. I want to know what will be needed to keep my wife and daughters safe. What kind of shape is my car in? Look I get it we all need our cars and life is busy, but like the cardiologist, Oil is the life blood of you car. I have been doing this for 33 years and I cannot do a QUALITY oil service in 5 minutes, yet we ... read more

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