Do you have a magic machine?? We get this too much.  Lets see if we can answer this so everyone understands. Starting in the early 80’s cars were required to have On Board Diagnostics. Commonly referred to as OBD. As with the Iphone and all other electronics it has been updated…OBD – OBD1 – OBD2 [Read more]

We live in a microwave pace of life today with many plates spinning! In the Auto Repair business we fight the opinions of people and reputation of an industry. Lets be honest, the reputation is rough and the opinions of many are true. But not at all shops. Since my dad opened in 1986, B&B [Read more]

The older I get the more I realize life is too hard to focus on things that don’t matter. Today we work hard to have a bigger house so each child has a room and private bath room. We fill our lives full of things…stuff that a year(or less) later we don’t use. I am [Read more]

Wow this is a hard question!! Short answer typically $400-$800 on average. I know that does not help right… First, lets start with what is a tune up anyway. A tune up is a scheduled maintenance item on a car or truck that has to do with the fuel and ignition system. It is not [Read more]

This is an often overlooked safety and fuel saving maintenance item that anyone can do themselves. First locate the valve stem and remove the cap. Check the tire for the manufacturers recommended pressure. The car manufacturer will normally print this on the door jam as well. Sometimes they are different, in that case, I always [Read more]

This is a great question with a tough answer. The check engine light or service engine soon light monitors anything the engine control module keeps up with. That is a ton of stuff! It is important to get it tested, because many things it monitors can cause bigger problems, if left in disrepair. Somethings are [Read more]

Investing in a new set of tires for your vehicle is always a costly maintenance practice that must be taken to ensure that your car runs properly. After purchasing a new set of tires you want to ensure that your car continues driving safely for long after your purchase. There are several basic tire maintenance [Read more]

One of the common terms said at respectable automotive repair shops is “30/60/90 maintenance” or “scheduled factory maintenance.” For those in the car industry this is an easy term to understand, however for an average individual who isn’t a grease monkey it is not. The 30/60/90 maintenance of a car refers to the recommended auto [Read more]

The wheel alignment of your automobile is one of the biggest priorities to take into account when servicing your car at a trusted automotive repair center. The alignment of your car is one area that cannot be taken lightly, but is often neglected when it comes to other service areas including engine repairs and oil [Read more]