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Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Bryan – College Station Texas


Hot enough for ya?

In Texas, we hear that question year-round. And usually it’s plenty hot enough. So if your car air conditioning fails, you want to get it up and running right away.

Contact B&B Auto for repair or scheduled maintenance of your car air conditioning system. We work on both standard systems and electronic climate control systems.


When your A/C system breaks down in the Texas heat, you want it checked fast, and by an automotive service that can take care of any problem. B&B Automotive is that service provider. B&B handles air conditioning system maintenance, service, and repair. During an A/C check or repair visit, technicians will:

  • Check all belts to ensure correct fit and good condition
  • Ensure that refrigerant levels and pressures are correct
  • Test to make sure hoses are free-flowing with no leaks
  • Confirm appropriate temperature of air stream
  • Check working condition of relevant switches, fuses, relays, and controls
  • Verify scheduled maintenance for your make and model of vehicle


Auto Air Conditioning Repair Shop Bryan –  College Station Texas

Over time, seals and fittings can lose flexibility or wear out. Auto air conditioning systems can develop leaks. Mildew or other contaminants can build up. Any of these conditions might cause additional damage to your vehicle if not addressed promptly. Whether your cooling system has stopped putting out cold air completely or starts out cool then goes warm, our technicians are trained to identify the problem and get you chilling again. At the first sign of trouble, including unusual odors or changes in air flow, bring in your vehicle to B&B Automotive Services. Getting service when you first notice problems can help avoid costly repairs later.


AC Repair Specialists in Bryan – College Station Texas

B&B Auto recommends regularly scheduled maintenance to check A/C hoses, belts, refrigerant levels, and pressures. If your A/C stops working right, bring it in and the technicians at B&B Auto will do a thorough check and automotive air conditioning repair. You’ll drive out cool!


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