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Scheduled Maintenance


Automotive Scheduled Maintenance in Bryan – College Station Texas


When does your car need scheduled maintenance?

B&B Auto will be happy to look up the recommended manufacturer maintenance schedule for any car model. B&B Auto mechanics work on both imported and domestic models, so you can be assured we will treat your car with care and expertise.

Contact B&B Auto to determine your maintenance schedule, perform scheduled maintenance, or make auto repairs as needed. A maintained car is a happy car.


Car Scheduled Maintenance in Brazos Valley

Preventive maintenance is a major key to keeping your car in good condition. During scheduled maintenance, B&B Auto mechanics will take care of maintenance items recommended by the manufacturer, and will also conduct a 30-point inspection to check for any hidden problems. Regular maintenance helps your car drive better, last longer, and maintain its value.

In addition to manufacturer recommendations, driving conditions and driving habits affect how often your car needs service. Harsh driving conditions or significant amounts of stop-and-go driving mean your car may need maintenance visits more often. Especially if you often tow a trailer or other add-on behind your vehicle, your vehicle might need more frequent scheduled maintenance than others. Stop by B&B Auto to ask for a maintenance schedule recommendation based on your specific circumstances.


Complete Maintenance for all Your Car Service Needs in Texas

Car engines are changing and becoming more complex with each new year’s models. B&B Auto services car types from classic to the latest models, from domestic to foreign, so we know exactly what needs to be done to maintain each car in top shape. In some cases, different operational systems of a car need maintenance on different schedules. Your brake system, for example, may need general service more often than your cooling system.

Whether you own a vehicle with no owner’s manual or just want to know you’re treating your vehicle right, bring it to B&B Auto to see if any system’s maintenance is due. Regular maintenance can avoid problems that might otherwise crop up.


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