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Suspension, Shocks, and Struts


Auto Shocks & Struts Replacement Center in Bryan – College Station Texas


Does your car have that wavy boat feel?

If you feel excessive bounce or sway in your car, or if the front of your car nose dives when you apply the brakes, you probably have a suspension problem. Suspension problems do more than make a ride uncomfortable—they can signal significant safety issues.

Contact B&B Auto for automotive suspension diagnosis and repair. Leave the waves to the water.


Auto Suspension Repair Shop in Brazos Valley

Because the suspension system of a vehicle connects the car body to its axles and wheels, suspension provides vehicle control and passenger comfort at the same time. It keeps the car in solid contact with the roadway to provide traction for safe acceleration and deceleration, and it keeps the passenger compartment comfortably balanced away from road noise, bumps, and vibrations. Achieving both these purposes, which often contradict each other, requires precise adjustment as well as attention to a customer’s preferences. B&B Auto provides both the expert knowledge and the customer service needed to address both these aspects of suspension repair.


Get Relief from Excessive Bounce in Car by Our Auto Suspension Service

New or correctly adjusted shocks and struts improve the operational safety, driving ease, and riding comfort of your car. Worn suspension components reduce driver control and therefore diminish the safety of your car. An ailing suspension system may also contribute to wear and tear on tires and other vehicle systems, increasing the subsequent cost of repairs and replacements. Shocks and struts don’t always show visible signs of damage so you may not recognize your suspension system as the source of your problem, but the technicians at B&B Auto are trained in inspecting and diagnosing any needed repairs.

Car models differ in the type of suspension system they use. Whatever type of suspension your car uses, B&B Auto will do a thorough check of the entire system including shock absorbers, strut supports, and linkages that provide comfort and increase your diving safety.


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