Meet Our Team

In the automotive industry, we know how important it is to find an honest, fair mechanic or technician that you can trust. Our relationships and transparency with our clients is top priority, right up there next to quality customer service! Take a few minutes to learn more about the B&B Automotive Team, and feel free to contact us anytime with questions.

Matt Barnes-2404

Matt Barnes

Co-owner lived in B/CS since 1980. Matt married his High school sweetheart in 1990 and has been with the shop since it opened in 1986. They have 3 daughters who graduated from Rudder High School and are all 3 in College (Texas A&M, North Texas, and Nebraska). Matt and Susan are active in their church and love sailing and square dancing.



Clay Barnes

Co-owner and Master Tech has also lived in the B/CS since 1980. Clay is married to Sarah and has 3 sons and 1 daughter. The oldest is at Texas A&M. They have 2 at Bryan High. Clay is active in the Central Baptist Sports program  and coaches summer league basketball.


Gary Moore

Service Manager born and raised in south College Station. He is married to Valarie. They are coming up on a one year anniversary! Gary loves motorcycles and living in the country. Gary has worked as a technician, but has become really passionate about customer service. He truly loves to help people.


AC Contreras

Master Tech was born and raised here in Bryan. Married to Elsa and they have 5 children. They enjoy time with family and sports. Baseball and softball are a big part of family life, with AC coaching in most cases. AC is Ford factory trained and has many years of experience on all makes and models.


differential service

Kenny Rienhart

Tech is from Bryan as well. He and Lori have 2 children and stay very busy keeping up with 2 little ones!¬† They enjoy the outdoors, fishing, and camping. Kenny also has a knack for building the unusual… such as his motorized tricycle that will do 40MPH!! He has worked his way up from an apprentice, to service tech, and now technician.