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Have you done a walk-around lately?

It’s a good idea to periodically do a walk-around to look at your car’s tires. Any irregular tire wear—on the inside or outside edges—or low pressure in tires is easy to spot. It’s also a good idea to keep a reminder either in your car’s glove compartment or on your calendar that tells you when you bought your tires.

Contact B&B Auto for tire rotation or to investigate unusual tire symptoms. We determine the problem and get you running smoothly again.

Tire Rotation Services in Brazos Valley

Tire rotation means changing the position of tires on your car so that the tread wears evenly. Proper tire rotation can extend the life of your tires, improve gas mileage, and make for smooth steering. Tire rotation solves that wear dilemma, and also addresses any issues with side-to-side wear. While rotating tires will not avoid all uneven tire wear or make tires last forever, it can extend the life of tires and make a vehicle handle more easily.

Increase Tire Life with Tire Rotation & Wheel Alignment

Regularly scheduled tire rotation by experts will address a number of existing problems and help avoid others. Uneven tire wear can indicate serious problems, such as worn suspension systems or other mechanical problems. In some cases, uneven tire wear can help point out problems that have a simple fix, such as under inflated tires. When rotating your tires, B&B experts check for potential problems and work with you to resolve them.

Both mileage recommendations and tire wear will tell you when it’s time to rotate your tires. When B&B Auto rotates and balances tires, we also check brake pads to ensure they are in good condition. Tire rotation can be combined with alignment if needed, and then you will drive out confident your tires will keep you rolling.

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