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Alignment Service in Bryan – College Station, Texas

Is your steering wheel fighting you?

If your steering wheel is pulling to one side when you want to go the other side, it’s probably time for a wheel alignment.

Tires that wear out too soon or in an odd pattern are another sign.

Contact B&B Auto for any alignment problems, vehicle response concerns, or general auto repair needs. We’ll set your car straight.

Reliable Auto Wheel Alignment Shop in Bryan – College Station Texas

Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of your car’s wheels so that they are set to manufacturer specifications and so that they line up with your car’s body and other wheels. Correct alignment promotes evenly distributed tire wear and improves vehicle handling. During alignment service, B&B technicians will:

  • Adjust your vehicle’s wheels so they support tires at the best angle to meet the road surface
  • Ensure wheels are tracking parallel to each other
  • Adjust alignment to result in smooth driving and safe handling maneuvers
  • Weight and balance your wheels for best performance

Tire & Front End Alignment Services Bryan – College Station Texas

Most auto manufacturers publish recommended alignment schedules just as they do other maintenance schedules. B&B personnel can check the appropriate alignment schedule for your make and model of vehicle. In addition to scheduled service, though, alignment is needed at other times such as following a tire purchase, if you have mounted your spare tire, after a collision, when replacing related car parts, or simply whenever your vehicle feels unstable during driving.

Sometimes misalignment can be mistaken for other problems, so bring your car to B&B when you notice a problem and we can diagnose it for you—whatever the cause. The alignment specialists at B&B Auto will solve your alignment problems quickly and thoroughly, making sure your wheels are in sync with the frame of your vehicle and that they track correctly with each other. You’ll have a safe, smooth ride and you might be able to defer an expensive tire purchase.

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