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A Day in the life of a mechanic!

We live in a microwave pace of life today with many plates spinning! In the Auto Repair business we fight the opinions of people and reputation of an industry. Lets be honest, the reputation is rough and the opinions of many are true. But not at all shops. Since my dad opened in 1986, B&B Automotive Services has always tried to look at things from a customers side. Putting customer service FIRST! Have we always been successful…no, after all we are human. We make mistakes and we try to fix them to the customers satisfaction. We also have procedures in place to keep those at a minimum, but it still happens from time to time. Since we spend so much time looking from the other side of the counter I thought I would share a day in the life of the auto technician.

Three things to think about from the mechanics side..

  1. Shops are busy with tons of things happening at the same time. Our techs have 2 bays and 3-4 cars on the digital inspection folder to get checked out ASAP. Remember the microwave analogy earlier. No one has time to be with out the car, so they are working under pressure 80% of the time, so try to be patient.
  2. Cars are complex! Check out the video with this Blog. Clay is replacing an evaporator in a Dodge truck. The entire dash has to come out. This takes time and is a very difficult job. This may help you understand why it costs so much as well as how mistakes can be made. This is not the cars and trucks of old!!
  3. We are people. Really we are human and mistakes happen. There is so many things to keep up with while juggling several jobs that it is impossible to not miss something every now and then. We don’t do it on purpose, because we never want to do the job twice. Especially for free the second time. Clay definitely does not want to do the Dodge again!

So remember we are crazy busy, real people, working on complex automobiles. We are doing the best we can to serve you as quickly as we can without making mistakes. Have some patience and understanding. Check out the video and see a day in the life of B&B Automotive Services! We treat you like family!

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