Monthly Archives: July 2019

Why is my Car A/C blowing Hot Air?

“Why isn’t my car ac blowing cold”? This is a common question. You could need your A/C System repaired. The air conditioner on your car or truck has basically 2 systems: the mechanical side and the refrigerant side. On the mechanical side we have drive belts, duct work and vent doors, electrical controls, switches, and fans that tell the system when to come on and how cold or hot you desire. Any of these things can and do cause your A/C and heating system to not work like they should. Next we have the refrigerant side. This is where the magic happens…Well, it really is science, but still pretty cool stuff (pun intended). When you take a refrigerant and pump it through a mechanical orifice, it creates a pressure differential. Pressure generally equates to temperature as well. It changes from a liquid to a gas state creating a massive temperature drop. If that then flows into an evaporator, air flow will then exchange the ... read more

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