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Are all brake pads the same?

Are all Brake Pads the same? Why are there so much difference in prices of Brake pads? What is different about your Brake Pads? These are all great questions that we are asked all the time, so lets see if we can answer them. There are many types of friction material out there and it gets confusing. They all do the same job, but some do it better.

There are 3 main types of Brake Pads out there. Organic , Semi-Metallic, and Ceramic. We will start with the organic pads. The good is they are cheap, they make no noise, and stop ok. The bad They do not last very long and tend to fade as they get hot. We are in Texas so we have heat to deal with before the brake pedal is touched so these are not my favorite. They are ok on small cars but would not use them on trucks or full size cars. Next we have the Semi-Metallic. As the name implies they have metal in them. The material has bits of iron and other metal embedded in the pad. They are the best stopper. They deal with heat real well, in fact they stop better as they heat up. The down side they cost more and they can be very noisy.They also put out a lot of brake dust. This is a good option for commercial trucks or cars that are loaded. The last is the Ceramic pad. Stops great with little change hot or cold. Low dust and they very seldom have noise issues. They are the most pricey, but you kinda get what you pay for. This is what comes on most cars today from the factory. It is the preferred friction material of the Barnes Brothers. When people talk to me about brakes I tell them you are dealing with a major safety system on the car. When you brake down the cost over the miles the brakes will last you are much better off spending a little more and be safe!

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