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Do oil additives really work??

Do oil additives really work? Are oil additives worth the extra money? These are questions we get all the time. Tom at Auto Car Correct Car Care, a great friend of the B&B Automotive Family, asked the question after the last blog. Ding!! The light bulb went off…maybe we should look into it more so here we go! Now Tom asked specifically about BG’s MOA. We do sell BG (shout out to Ryan of BG for helping us out!) If we sell it we should test it!

Armed with a oil friction tester,a can of MOA and a test sample of used 5000 mile standard oil, we got started. We set it up with a fresh spot on the bearing so we could test the wear as well as the friction. Added the used oil to the machine and turned it on. With much noise it screeched to a halt at 15ftlbs of torque. We removed the bearing to find a divot approximately 3mm x 2mm had worn into the bearing.

After a quick reinstall the bearing was on a new spot and ready for further testing. Same oil sample was used, but 2 eye droppers of MOA was added to the mix. About 8 drops total. The machine was again turned on and WOW! The difference was amazing! The noise was much better and it did not lock down until 65ftlbs! If my math is correct that is about a 300 percent reduction in friction! The wear was even more impressive with a divot about half the size! I figured there would be a difference , but this was much better than I expected.

So Do Oil Additives Really Work? I would have to say yes. With the average car costing $32000 and average engine replacement about $7000, I think an extra $15-20 3 times a year is cheap insurance.

I hope you learned a little as I certainly did. If you did take a second to hit the social share buttons on the bottom of the page. Check out the video as well! Most important keep the questions coming!

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