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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

As temperatures begin to warm up, many of us have begun the process of spring cleaning and getting our homes ready for warmer temperatures. Now is also a great time to think about seeing a mechanic to get your vehicle ready for spring.

Winter can be difficult on your vehicle. Between colder temperatures and the rash of uncharacteristic snow and ice that we have seen this winter, most vehicles can benefit from a little auto repairing .

In particular, it is important to pay attention to your vehicle’s battery. Batteries must work much harder during cold weather. In fact, the cranking performance of your vehicle can be compromised by as much as 60 percent during the winter. Once temperatures begin to warm up, it’s a good time to test your battery and replace if it is old or weak.

It is also important to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the arrival of warmer temperatures. Those warmer temperatures can arrive quickly in Texas where spring can rapidly transition into summer despite the date on the calendar. Such hot temperatures can be brutal on your vehicle; therefore, it is important to do what you can to ensure that your vehicle continues to operate well. One of the best things you do to ensure that is to have the radiator system in your vehicle checked. Along with checking to ensure that all of the clamps and hoses are in good shape, it is also important to have your vehicle’s radiator fluid replaced as needed.

Tires are also a matter of concern as the temperatures began to get warmer. Worn tires are more at risk for blowouts as the mercury begins to rise. If the tires on your vehicle are worn, it is a much safer and less expensive option to have them replaced now.

Winter can also take a heavy toll on your car’s brakes. Your safety is reliant on the condition of your brakes, so now is a good time to have your mechanic check your brake pads and rotors.

It’s also a good idea to have your vehicle’s alignment and suspension checked. If you drive on rough roads frequently, this is even more important, as potholes can prove to be damaging to the alignment and suspension on your car. If you have noticed your vehicle pulling to one side or the wheel vibrating, there is a good chance that your car has an alignment issue.

Along with checking the items listed above, your mechanic can also perform a routine inspection on your vehicle to ensure that there are no other potential issues that might result in problems later. This will ensure that if there is a problem present, it can be addressed before it causes a major issue that could be dangerous as well as expensive.

Remember that regular maintenance can help to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle while also offering the benefit of peak performance. Requesting a seasonal inspection from your local auto service center can actually help you to avoid major repairs later.

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