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How do I air up my tires?

This is an often overlooked safety and fuel saving maintenance item that anyone can do themselves. First locate the valve stem and remove the cap.

Check the tire for the manufacturers recommended pressure. The car manufacturer will normally print this on the door jam as well. Sometimes they are different, in that case, I always side with the tire company. They made the tire and they should know. You will need a tire pressure gauge at this point. Press the gauge on the valve stem until you get a reading. Never run a tire less than 5 psi from the max pressure. An under inflated tire wastes fuel, wears tires, and runs very hot. If it is too high depress the schrader valve in the middle of the valve stem to release some air. If it is too low find a compressor and inflate the tire in a similar way as you checked tire pressure.

If you are unsure about any of these instructions feel free to stop by B&B Automotive Services and we will be happy to teach you to do it yourself, or we will check it for you. All for free!!! Come see the Barnes brothers at B&B Automotive where we treat YOU like family!

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