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How much is a tune up?

Wow this is a hard question!! Short answer typically $400-$800 on average. I know that does not help right… First, lets start with what is a tune up anyway. A tune up is a scheduled maintenance item on a car or truck that has to do with the fuel and ignition system. It is not a repair these are things designed to wear out or stop up. These are spark plugs, distributor caps and rotors, coils, and coil boots. Fuel filters and air filters and on newer cars induction service is very important. If it sounds like a lot… it is. Cars today are more complex and require less frequency on tune ups, but that comes at a cost. Spark plugs of the past used copper and a resistor, today platinum and iridium are common. Copper plugs retail for about $4.99 per plug while some iridium plugs can cost $35. Cars are also packed into tighter engine compartments making it harder to access tune up parts. Some need the intake manifold removed to gain access to spark plugs and boots.

So what do you do? How do you know? You really need to get your car checked by a professional technician. Inmost cases today this is not a DIY project. Get set up on a maintenance schedule with a reputable shop and stick with it. With the cost of cars today we all have to make them last as long as we can! I hope this helps a little with your knowledge and understanding of the tune up world we live in today. As always feel free to give us a call or e-mail your questions. We are here to help. Thanks again from B&B Automotive auto service centre where we treat you like family!

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