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How to Avoid an Overheated Engine

Warm temperatures are still here and if you have noticed your vehicle is continually overheating, it is a good idea to have a professional mechanic look at it. Driving your vehicle with an overheated engine can result in serious long-term damage. If you cannot make it in to an auto service center right away, you can try some quick-fix solutions.

First, check the antifreeze to ensure it is circulating. If it is not and you have a busted hose or a leak, you need to see an auto mechanic for repair immediately. If your vehicle has plenty of antifreeze and the engine is still overheating, take a minute to check the uptake hose. Over time, this hose can become loose and coolant can begin to leak out. The hose may need to be replaced in order to cool down the engine. Similarly, if the uptake hose is blocked or detached, check it to see if liquid is still able to pass through it. If not, it may need to be flushed in order to clean it and allow the antifreeze to freely flow through it again. Keep in mind that a vehicle will only overheat when there is a severe problem.

If the fixes listed above do not work, visit B&B Automotive, a College Station auto repair center to have the problem assessed.

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