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Inspect Your Car at The Beginning of The Year

A new year is a time for fresh starts in your life. One of the most important, but often overlooked aspects of a person’s life is their method of transportation. Every year, as the minutes tick down to close one year and open another, people make New Year’s resolutions to better themselves. This year, in addition to making a New Year’s resolution for yourself, make an additional resolution for your car.

Maintaining your car’s maintenance routine is very important. The little things you do on a yearly basis can have a huge impact down the road. Whether we like it or not, car maintenance is inevitable. Each year it is important to keep a running schedule of your car’s service.

One of the most important services to administer to your car is frequently changing the oil. Every car is different when it comes to changing your oil. The standard time to change your oil in your car is typically 3 months or 3,000 miles driven, whichever comes first. If you are someone who commutes daily or takes several road trips, you will be changing your oil more frequently than someone who does not drive a lot. Oil changes are important because the oil lubricates the metal parts of your ca’s engine which keeps them from grinding against each other.

In addition to changing your car’s oil it is important to check and change the air in your tires. When you are driving, it is easy to over-estimate the amount of air that is in your tires. Many cars now come equipped with a detector that appears on your dashboard. When the tires in your car are low, a bright indication light warning you of low tire pressure appears. When it comes to car maintenance, one of the worst mistakes a person can make is relying solely on these indicators. It is important to check your tire pressure and your tire condition once a month.Checking the conditions of your tires frequently reduces your risk of having a tire related accident such as a blow out or finding something like a shard of glass or nail in your time.

The last important feature to check when it comes to your automobile is checking that all of the radiator and fluid levels are filled. You car’s engine houses many compartments that are filled with various liquids to help your car run smoothly. It is a good habit to lift the hood of your car every so often and check that your fluid levels are even and full. Algeria Whether the fluid is your auto freeze or radiator fluid it is good to practice checking levels.

Entering the New Year with the hope of having a healthy and happy year is a common goal for most people. Although physical health is important, a person’s safety is just as vital to their health and happiness. Ensure that you enter 2015 on the right foot, by checking your car and having it inspected by a trusting and reliable auto service and repair shop.

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