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Life is Hard! Find out what’s really important!!

The older I get the more I realize life is too hard to focus on things that don’t matter. Today we work hard to have a bigger house so each child has a room and private bath room. We fill our lives full of things…stuff that a year(or less) later we don’t use. I am not anti stuff don’t get me wrong, but ask why do I want/need this stuff…

My grand parents raised 4 kids in a 1100 sq ft house with one bath. I grew up in a 1600 sq ft house and shared a room! My aunts, uncle, and my siblings all survived!! You ask Where did this come from?? This is not the usual B&B Automotive FAQ. You are right it isn’t, but maybe it is. We say “We treat you like family” here. To me it is more than a Tag or a Slogan. It is who we are…or at least who we want to be.

It starts with our team. They work hard! Its hot, often thankless work. The shop makes payroll and the bills get paid! That’s what is important right!?? I don’t think so. We need to slow down and have some fun. Enjoy the people that matter! FAMILY! Family is not just blood relatives. We spend more time together at work than we do with our wives and kids. Many customers have been with us since I was a teenager!

This is why every year we take the shop on a fishing trip. What good is a fishing trip with out a good fish fry right! So, this past Friday we had team and families come eat fish. We ate too much, socialized, and just made some memories. It was nice and simple. It was IMPORTANT!

I grew up hunting quite a bit with my grand dad and uncle. Both are gone now. While I would love another shotgun, I would give up all my guns for one more hunting trip with them both.

Life is hard and short so choose wisely how you spend it


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