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Oil Change: Is Faster Better?

Quick Change lube stops are everywhere. An Oil Change or Oil Service is preventative maintenance and the most common service done hand down, but is faster better? Let me give you my thoughts. We live in a microwave society. We want it NOW! We love fast food and lighting quick WiFi and we HAVE to have it!! There is a trend out there for quick service and fast maintenance…so is that a problem?? I feel it is. Now, let me explain it this way, certain things should not be rushed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a quick open heart surgery, instead I would prefer a surgeon who takes the time to do it right and look for future problems. The same with my car. I want to know what will be needed to keep my wife and daughters safe. What kind of shape is my car in?

Look I get it we all need our cars and life is busy, but like the cardiologist, Oil is the life blood of you car. I have been doing this for 33 years and I cannot do a QUALITY oil service in 5 minutes, yet we have 5 minute lube shops all over. We even have dealerships promising 20 minutes or it is free. Notice the word quality. I can change the oil and filter and check your fluids in 20 minutes, but remember this is a preventative maintenance service. It is not just about the oil. In 20 minutes I cannot make sure the rest of your car is in safe working order. There is not enough tine to spot potential problems and let YOU, our customer, know. Another problem I have with a quick service is when you rush things happen. It is inevitable that a mistake will be made and I don’t want a mistake made by my cardiologist or my mechanic! I want them both to spot potential issues early and focus on quality.

Folks, I am afraid both of those require time… Thanks for reading and be sure and watch the video!

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