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Paying Attention to Odors in your Vehicle

Has your vehicle been emitting some strange odors lately? If so, this could be an indication that it needs to be taken into an auto repair shop soon. Certain odors can often tell you a lot about a potential problem with your vehicle. Recognizing such warning signs can ultimately help you to save money on a potential repair bill before the problem becomes worse.

The odor of burned rubber could indicate that your drive belts are slipping. This specific smell could also indicate misplaced hoses that could be rubbing against other parts. If you have noticed the smell of hot oil, this could be a sign that oil may be leaking into your vehicle’s exhaust system. The smell of gasoline is often an indication of a gas leak within your vehicle, such as the fuel tank or the fuel injector line. This could also present a potential fire hazard, so it is important to seek attention from an experienced auto service center immediately. Have you noticed a sweet or syrupy smell coming from your vehicle? This may sometimes indicate that your vehicle is leaking engine coolant. Remember, if the radiator cap is hot, do not open it.

If you have noticed such type of odor in your car then bring it to B&B Automotive, a reliable auto services center in College Station.

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