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Reasons For An Oil Change

5 Major Reasons To Opt For Oil Change Regularly
Oil Change Service is important for car owners as it impacts the significant part of the car i.e. Engine. Keeping up the performance of the car, providing great mileage, and saving the environment are just a few..

What’s your take when it comes to Oil Change? Are you the ‘I’ll get it tomorrow’ or the ‘What’s the hurry?’ person? Many car owners delay the Oil Change and don’t consider it useful, but ignoring the importance of regular oil change is not ideal. Oil Change is a significant contributing factor to the extension of your car’s life.

We at B-B Auto wants to brighten five significant reasons to opt for an Oil Change and avoid ruining the condition of your vehicle:

  • A Shortage in Engine Gunk:

The collective name for the contaminants engine can have is ‘engine gunk’, and it creates difficulty for the engine to function properly. These contaminants consist of impurities such as oil chunks, mud-like substance, and dust deposits. During the process of Oil Change, previous oil is drained from the engine, and so are the impurities, resulting in ease in functionality for the engine.

  • Matters of Mileage:

Mileage is the essential factor to focus on while having a vehicle and is dependent on a lot of factors such as environment, terrain, personal driving habits, and maintenance. A factor we hold the liberty to control is maintenance, and without it, the impurities will stay in the engine, and cause friction. Friction is the rival of engine performance and optimum fuel economy. Oil Changes reduce the friction, compliments the performance of the engine, and it runs efficiently with lower fuel incorporation.

  • Lubrication Across the Parts:

An Engine has various components, such as pistons, valves, and other crucial parts. Oil works as the lifeblood for your engine, and as with time it gets old, it gets dirty. All parts in the engine move at high rates of speed, and oil is the component lubricating them. Regular Oil Change avoids excessive wear and friction and keeps your vehicle running for years, saving time, money, and stress. *DO NOT FORGET to consult with the owner’s manual for specific weight and grade of oil suitable for the vehicle.

  • If Priority is Performance:

From the impact of heat radiated from various parts due to friction, old oil breaks down over time. With the increase in impurities, the oil turns thick, and its reach to certain crucial parts decreases. This thick sludge blocks the flow of lubrication and covers few parts, making them stay hot longer, leading to less efficiency in the performance of the engine. Oil Change cleans the sludge, avoids overheating and friction, resulting in longer life of the engine.

  • Protecting the Environment with less Emission:

The vehicle’s emission test is about the number of hydrocarbons it releases into the atmosphere due to the usage. Old engine oil releases a large number of hydrocarbons, the unsuitable amount, and harms the environment, leading to higher pollution. The hydrocarbon built-up inside the crack case of the engine gets burned and is exhausted out of the vehicle. Oil Change keeps your vehicle updated, helps you pass the emission tests, and fulfill a share of saving the environment.

We always suggest drivers should follow the recommended manuals for Oil Change, and also stay in check with your driving habits for the needed support. Our team is composed of experts for auto services, feel comfortable to book an appointment with us, and check out our optimum coupons for benefits.

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