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What Maintenance is needed at 100,000 miles?

My car has 90,000 miles what needs to be done? What maintenance is needed at 100,000 miles is becoming a very common question. As cars are easily passing 200K mile mark and so expensive to replace the question of servicing makes sense. The answer is going to vary from car to car, but here are some things to consider.

Spark plugs – With plugs being made out of platinum and iridium it is true many will go well passed 100K miles, but the point of preventative maintenance it to stop a problem before it leads to a bigger problem.

Fuel filter and Fuel service – Many cars today do not have a serviceable fuel filter anymore so this is often overlooked. A restricted fuel filter is very hard on the fuel pump and can also lead to poor performance. The fuel service is more important today than most people understand. A modern car is all about efficiency and to be that efficient the fuel control is very precise. With such precision a little build up can mean big problems. See our blog on more of this

Fluids Fluids Fluids – This is a biggie! Some opinions vary on this one, but if it has 100k on it it needs a change! 60% of power steering failures are due to fluid failure! With traction control and anti-lock brake systems, brake fluid should not be overlooked. Radiators, Transmissions, and gearboxes all need to be maintained.

Belts and Hoses – This includes timing belts. This could start some arguments and I agree that belts and hoses do last longer. Better rubber compounds and fluids help most hoses pass this mile mark, but I still do not want my wife or daughter driving on a belt or hoses with over 100k miles. The reason we do preventative maintenance is once again to prevent a hose from blowing. The cost is high on this one, but the replacement of an engine is far more!

Recap – What is needed at 100K? – Spark plugs – Fuel filter and fuel service – Fluids Fluids Fluids – Belts and Hoses

Most importantly check your manual and get a qualified shop to look over the car. There are so many thing that can wear getting a good look over is by far the best!

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