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Why are ball joints so important?

What does a ball joint do? Why is suspension important to check? These are questions that need to be addressed.

Your suspension is what keeps your tires on the road. You and your families safety is at stake here!

Our week started great Sunday with the annual B&B fishing trip! It was a wonderful day and we tore up the fish. That all changed fast. You see my family is very active in Young Life and we received news of an Aggie Young Life team headed to work at camp that was in an accident. A tire blew out and cause a single car rollover accident. A 19 year old Aggie and friend of my daughter was killed and 2 others in critical care. It was such a somber reminder of how fragile life is and we should never take it for granted. Monday 4 trucks were towed in 3 with broken ball joints and one with a wheel hub assembly completely separated and tire in the bed of the truck.. Not sure how know one was injured. So this is my world as I sit down to write this blog. As I try to get back to “work” or normal life when this topic was on my agenda 3 weeks ago…

We are all busy I get that. We live in a microwave society where fast is always better. I am not here to bash the quick lubes and Walmarts of the world, but you are not going to get the same oil change at these places as you would at B&B or any other shop with certified technicians. The level of inspection at B&B is going to check your car bumper to bumper not just the other fluids. That includes your suspension!! I am not trying to scare anyone, but I do want you to understand that there are parts on cars that wear. If we see it we are going to let you know. My youngest daughter is a sophomore at University of North Texas. She had a car problem so she took it to a shop. They called me with the complaint addressed and also said her tires are worn close to minimum specs. I appreciated that!! I don’t get to see that car often and I do not want her driving on worn tires! That is what a professional technician is obligated to do.

Remember the safety of you and your family is riding on your tires and suspension. Who do YOU want checking it?

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