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Why does my A/C smell?

Why does my air conditioning smell? The heating and air conditioning in your car is not unlike your house. While it controls temperature it also controls humidity. This is super necessary in the Brazos Valley. We definitely have wet air!! Air is brought in from the outside or inside depending on the setting and circulated through a cabin air filter and the evaporator. The evaporator removes moisture and lowers the temperature and sends the cooler drier air out the vent. The air is the recycled through the whole process again. The moisture condenses on the evaporator and runs out of the drain to the outside of the car. Keeping your filter changed is your first defense to keeping this drain free.

When you start to get a smell most of the time it is from 2 problems. A cabin air filter left too long or mold and mildew built up from the moisture. In the Bryan College Station area allergies are rough and this can be problematic. Fortunately the fix is not that bad. We remove and replace the filter and do a vent cleaning. This is done normally by removing the glove box and gaining access to the filter and duct work. Check out our Youtube video attached to this blog for more information on how it is done. There are many products on the market today but we prefer BG’s Fridgie Fresh. It kills mold and mildew, the cause of most odors, and leaves a mild fresh sent. Check out more at this link. Others are a little over powering in that department and no one wants to trade one strong smell for another.

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