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Why does my car shake?

Why does my car shake? Or What is making my car vibrate? Both are great questions and both will start with more questions. You will need to give your Mechanic as much information as possible so pay attention to When does it shake? Only when I accelerate…only on turns…when I stop etc. Don’t be afraid to describe it in great detail. This is very valuable information for the Auto Repair Shop to use in finding the cause and keeping you safe.

As a general rule most vibration or shaking issues are related to rotating parts. Tires, Axles, Bearings, Pulleys…all are common causes. And there are many more, so answering the above questions will save your Automotive Technician time in finding the cause of your vibration. We all know that time is money so this is a great way to save you some money as well.

It is important to note that most cars today are uni body meaning the body is part of the support structure of the car. This tends to make vibrations and sounds transfer through out the car. This makes tracking these problems down that much harder. This is all the more reason to gather as much information as you can and pass that on to the Auto Tech. These can be some of the most challenging problems to solve in the industry.

So lets recap…

  1. If you have a shake pay attention to when it is happening
  2. Describe it in as much detail as possible (don’t be scared to sound silly we have heard it all)
  3. Be patient with the Shop. This type of testing is time consuming and is just as frustrating to the Tech as it is to you.

Bottom line we are here to help keep you safe. Don’t forget to check out the video on youtube

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