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Dealer Quality Brake Repair Service in Brazos Valley

I brake for.....

Have you seen the bumper stickers that say “I brake for garage sales” or “I brake for turtles” or any number of other things? Whatever you brake for, make sure your brakes can stop you in time.

Contact B&B Auto for brake repair or scheduled brake maintenance. We’ll get your car to go when you want, and stop when you need to.

Bryan – College Station’s Finest Brake Repair Service

Every car’s braking system differs according to its make and model. B&B mechanics understand that, and we quickly identify your car’s configuration and evaluate its brake system needs. B&B brake work includes:

  • Check of brake lines and fluid levels
  • Complete fluid replacement if necessary
  • Evaluation of brake pads, rotors, and drum condition
  • Diagnosis and repair of any brake problems you have been experiencing

Brakes are one of the most basic safety features on your car. You might not think of brakes as a safety feature, but they are. Stopping when you need to stop is vital to safety—the safety of people both inside and outside the vehicle. B&B recommends that you have your brakes inspected at least once a year, more frequently if your driving is frequently in stop-and-go traffic or if you notice unusual sounds when pressing the brake pedal.

Advance Brake Repair Service in Texas

Squeaking or squealing brakes, grinding noises when stopping, or simply not coming to a stop as quickly as you used to are all indications that your brakes need attention. But it’s not just noises that indicate problems. If you feel like you have to apply more pressure to the brake pedal than you used to, or if you feel unusual shaking or vibrations when you brake, it’s time to bring your car in for a brake inspection. B&B Auto works on both disc brakes and drum brakes, giving you reassurance and a quiet, confident ride.

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