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CV and Drive Axles Repair in Bryan – College Station Texas

Do you draw attention when you turn a corner?

If your car clicks or squeaks when you turn, chances are you need inspection of your constant velocity (CV) joints and drive axle to see if your drive system is the problem.

Contact B&B Auto for drive shaft or axle problems. We provide comprehensive automotive services to keep you and your car moving on.

Superior Quality CV Axle Replacement and Repair in Bryan – College Station Texas

Drive axles and their connecting joints are basic to your car’s working condition. After all, the drive shaft mechanism is what “drives” your car forward. Axle and drive shaft maintenance goes hand-in-hand with wheel alignment, since the axles and load-bearing assembly maintain the position of wheels relative to each other and to the vehicle body.

Drive systems need to function in response to hard demands and rugged conditions. Even town cars meet a pothole now and then. B&B will inspect and repair your vehicle’s system so it can accomplish what every vehicle’s drive system must be able to do:

  • Bear the weight of the vehicle, occupants, and support load
  • Handle acceleration and deceleration forces imposed on the vehicle during use
  • Run smoothly and operate efficiently and safely

CV Joint Replacement – Best Solution for Car Clicks

CV Joint Replacement – Best Solution for Car Clicks:
Axle configuration depends on your vehicle’s manufacturer, model, and intended use. For example, off-road vehicles put much different demands on their axles and joints than do on-road cars. B&B repairs axles and CV joints for cars, trucks, and all classes of vehicles, whether they are designed for on-road or off-road use. B&B mechanics have the experience to address drive system problems quickly and effectively.

Whatever type of vehicle you drive, be alert for bumps and noises that indicate your drive system may be wearing. B&B Auto will check your drive shaft for looseness, torn boots, and overall condition. Your axles are what move your wheels, so let B&B Auto make sure you keep moving.

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