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Radiator and Engine Cooling System, Water Pump Replacement

Is that fog inside or out?

One symptom of a car’s cooling system failure is a defroster that fogs up your windshield instead of clearing the moisture. That or an unexplained sweet smell can signal a problem with your car’s engine cooling system. Or, of course, when your temperature gauge reads hotter than you remember.

Contact B&B Auto when you need radiator repair or cooling system service. Your car is already “cool, man” but we’ll make sure its engine is cool as well.

Engine Cooling System & Radiator Repair Service in the Brazos Valley

A car’s cooling system circulates coolant throughout the engine block to counteract heat generated by the engine. The cooling system includes a radiator, thermostat, fans, belts, water pump and other parts that work together to cool the engine. If the system develops a crack or leak an engine can overheat quickly, potentially causing major damage to the engine block. The coolant liquid used has a sweet smell, which is why you may smell an identifiable odor inside or outside the car if your cooling system leaks.

When checking your cooling system, B&B mechanics will verify fluid and pressure levels and test to see that the coolant concentration in your system is correct to maintain a working temperature for your vehicle. If necessary, we can completely drain and flush the fluid and replace it with a clean coolant mixture. We also check whether your vehicle needs a water pump replacement or not.

Radiator Repair Experts College Station- Protect Your Car from Overheating

Texas weather takes a heavy toll on vehicle coolant systems, not only from the ambient temperature outside but also because running the car’s air conditioning can place an additional strain on the system. Simply adding coolant (or especially water, which dilutes the coolant concentration) is not sufficient over time, since coolant may gradually lose effectiveness. A complete fluid replacement is needed periodically to keep your engine running at top efficiency.

Bring your car in to B&B Auto, where we will perform a complete analysis of your engine cooling system. We check thermostat, fans, hoses, radiator, coolant concentration, and all components of your cooling system. Making sure your engine runs at a cool temperature will help avoid engine damage and major engine problems later. We work with you to provide exceptional customer service.

Areas Served: Bryan TX | College Station TX | Navasota TX | and all the Brazos Valley!

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