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How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Vehicles

Many people often have questions for their mechanics about the best type of oil they should use in their vehicle. One of the most often misunderstood parts of choosing the right type of oil is the number system that is used for rating oils. The weight of oil, also known as viscosity, refers to the thickness or thinness of the oil. The Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE, establishes temperature requirements for oil. Those temperature requirements range from 0 degrees Fahrenheit (low) to 210 degrees Fahrenheit (high). Oils that meet the low temperature requirements established by the SAE will have a “W” after the viscosity rating. A common example of this would be 10W. Oils that meet higher SAE ratings will not have a letter. For instance, SAE 30. Special tests are conducted to determine the viscosity of different types of oil. First, it is heated to a specific temperature and then the oil is allowed to flow out of a certain size hole. The viscosity rating of the oil is d ... read more

Making a New Year’s Resolution for your Vehicle

The New Year is all about making resolutions. While many people make resolutions to improve their health or even their budgets, this is also a good time to focus on keeping your car in tip-top condition. Getting organized and staying that way can do wonders for improving the life of your vehicle. In fact, approaching the maintenance of your vehicle in a systematic manner can also help you to save money over the course of the year. Begin by getting your automotive maintenance and repair records in order. A complete service record can prove to be beneficial if you do need to bring your vehicle in to your local auto repair center for work. Also, stay on top of service reminders. When performed in a timely and regular manner, maintenance can actually help you to save money in the end by ensuring that your vehicle runs in a more efficient manner. Tactical care for your vehicle is also important. Make sure you do not ignore poor engine performance, service engine lights, fading brakes, rou ... read more

Tips for Finding a Reliable Auto Service Center

Whether your vehicle simply needs a checkup or you are having a major problem, it is important to know how to find a reputable College Station auto repair shop. One of the most important elements involved in choosing a trustworthy shop is to pay attention to word-of-mouth. Check with friends and family members to find out where they take their vehicle. Additionally, make sure you ask the right questions when searching for a auto mechanic. For instance, find out whether the shop provides a warranty and if so, the length of the warranty. You should also find out whether there are any stipulations or conditions regarding warranties offered by the shop. Ask how long the service center has been in business. Additionally, find out what type of parts the shop uses. Do they use new parts or used body parts? It is also important to consider how the staff communicates with you. Do they appear to be straightforward and willing to answer your questions? Your vehicle is an important investment. Fi ... read more

Be Prepared for Winter with Good Brakes

With winter just around the bend, it is important to make sure that your car brakes are in good condition. Although this part of Texas does not experience ice as much as our northern neighbors, with increased rains and other inclement weather, it is still important to make sure your car is prepared with good stopping power. Having your brakes inspected twice a year can be an excellent preventative for future problems while also ensuring that you and your passengers are safe. If you think you may be experiencing problems with your car/truck brakes, it is important to take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic even sooner. Possible indications of brake problems include: A squealing sound when you apply pressure to the pedal A grinding noise-this can indicate a serious problem that requires immediate attention Vehicle pulling to one side or the other Appearance of the brake warning light on the dashboard Your local auto repair center will be able to evaluate your brakes and advise ... read more

Paying Attention to Odors in your Vehicle

Has your vehicle been emitting some strange odors lately? If so, this could be an indication that it needs to be taken into an auto repair shop soon. Certain odors can often tell you a lot about a potential problem with your vehicle. Recognizing such warning signs can ultimately help you to save money on a potential repair bill before the problem becomes worse. The odor of burned rubber could indicate that your drive belts are slipping. This specific smell could also indicate misplaced hoses that could be rubbing against other parts. If you have noticed the smell of hot oil, this could be a sign that oil may be leaking into your vehicle’s exhaust system. The smell of gasoline is often an indication of a gas leak within your vehicle, such as the fuel tank or the fuel injector line. This could also present a potential fire hazard, so it is important to seek attention from an experienced auto service center immediately. Have you noticed a sweet or syrupy smell coming from your vehi ... read more

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